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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Hello, I'm Sho!

So long without updating the blog.

Recently, was the recording and I've wrote a new song at the same time.

I managed the new costumes too. There were a very productive days about Lacroix Despheres' matters.

I was preparing the accessories for the photography session. Every day is hot..
Take care for the hotwave please!

Well, Pegeot wrote about that too in the blog, but days ago was starting to distribute more Lacroix's songs to the karaokes.

Thank so much for voting!

Now, Scivias and Inishie are sharing out, it seems that from 28th July we'll add Fiore and Iris too.

By the way, days ago I went to a karaoke. Long time without going to the karaoke. Now the karaokes are amazing!
They are amazing because there are a correction and qualification function. Indicates the difference of the melody and your singing tone on the screen. When you finished the song, you can listen to your singing again!
On the other hand, if you don't have a camera Σ(・□・;)
You can record a video while you are singing!
Apparently, there is a duet-song video wich you can sing with a strange man that appears in the video...
It's possible that we will prepare an official Lacroix duet video! (Laughs)

Anyway, recently is incredible too the evolution to sincronice the animation.
Speaking of which, harmonized vocal is originally recorded in recent karaoke, but I wonder if there is still a function to record our own singing and use it as an automatic harmonized vocal.
Hey, the function was funny because when I was singing, a male solemn chorus suddenly appeared . (Laughs)
In conclusion, for exceed the hot summer sing Lacroix songs on the karaoke please!

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