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Thursday, 16 September 2010


After a long time without news about Lacroix, today Sho updated the blog saying that on the 20th of November, there will be a celebratory live performance called "Lacroix Gala Concert" in the live venue "BABEL THE ROCK TOWER".

On this day they will introduce to the world their new flautist, whose identity has remained a secret.

They also have announced that during their live performance they will be joined by a drummer and bassist as well. Of course, the band will still be formed by:

Vocal : (Sho)

Soprano vocal : 紗夜 (Saya)

Guitar : Pegeot

Guitart:天佑 (Tenyu)

Oboe:智美 (Satomi)

They will be performing, for the first time, their new song that will be included in their new album.


Second and interesting news! From now on, Lacroix Despheres have a pigg account that you can access through their ameblo (

Now we can have the opportunity to talk in real time with Lacroix members!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

22th October (Satomi entry)

Good night!
I'm Satomi, the oboist♪

Today I went to a woodwind quintet rehearsal.
Because of much practice, I don't know why, I get hungry...
It would be an autumn with appetite...??
It is an autumn of art too, I feel that food taste more delicious when I finished to rehearsed.
How I thought, it is an autumn with appetite.

Today I will introduce my instrument.

My instrument is a Marigaux and it was made in France.

Marigaux is the third best oboe maker.
My model is considerably old.

I've been a lot of time with my little, we are approximate 10 years that we were together.
I have a lot of memories.

From now, I want increase the memories!!

I'll do my best!!

See you!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

First Tenyu entry

Hi! I'm Tenyu.
Recently I joined Lacroix Despheres as a support guitarist. Nice to meet you♪

Although I’m only a support member, I’m going to write in the blog.

I have nothing in particular to write about in the introduction, so I’m going to write a little about my favorite guitarists.
I think I’ll write about this little by little.

James Hetfield
Kirk Hammett

Metallica’s guitarists.
I’m so influenced by Metallica. My life has changed a lot because of this influence (laughs)

Yesterday, I hung out in a way that I can’t do frequently, so I am going to talk about it.
I went to eat tuna aboard the ship of my senpai-musician, who piloted the ship from Kasai to Misaki, where Disneyland and its neighborhood are.
The weather was nice, and felt so good. In Misaki we had lunch and then came back through Tateyama and Yasuda’s ports.
It was a precious personal experience.

It’s beautiful to see Disneyland from the sea.

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Which Visual-kei band is the most promising newcomer?",

Lacroix Despheres got the 7th position with 57 votes!
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