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Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm Satomi♪

Good evening!
I'm Satomi, the oboist!

This is the first time that I am writing in Lacroix's blog.
Nice to meet you! m(__)m
On the other hand, I think that the oboe is not a musical instrument as common as other instruments, so I will introduce it.
The Oboe belongs to woodwind family.
The principal characteristic is that it is played with the mouth.
It produces sound because of its two reeds.
This kind of musical instrument is called a "double reed instruments". Also in this family of instruments is the bassoon.

This is my reed.
A lot of oboists make their own reeds or adapt the reed to suit them.
I make the reeds myself too.
On another occasion, I will talk about reeds again.

About the oboe's sound, its possible that a lot of people can't identify it immediately but, can you remember the melody of the beginning of "Swan Lake"?
This is a oboe solo!!
Swan Lake part 1

In orchestra's songs there is a lot of melodies/solos played by oboe.
Oboes can be heard in a lot of Soundtracks for films, dramas and musicals.
Recently, it became famous in the piece when Mr. Miyamoto Fumiaki plays: "Kazabue".
Because of "Nodame Cantabile", Mozart's oboe concert became popular too.


Mozart Oboe concerto (Nodame Cantabile version)

Please search for other oboe melodies!!

In Lacroix Despheres' live performances, I will do my best to transmit the oboe sound!!
See you!!

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