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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Eve message. Thank you

Good Night, I am Sho.

Just a little to the end of the year.
How was this year for you?

We had the honour of meet Mizuki, we have composed Symphonia, we have taken the new photos and the preparations for the concert…

Ah… the first meeting with Mizuki was in January of this year.
I remember that it was in a café in the metropolitan area, I was with Saya waiting nervously the arrival of Mizuki.
Well, we are going to talk in details in the Internet Radio☆

About the CD making I have written it in other previous post. (It is not translated yet)

In that pause period we could tackle with tranquillity the composition of the new song and we met for first time the wonderful Souru Tooru and Atsuo Akabe .
The CD was created by the best members!

This year there was not much concerts, but in it, we carried out the revival of Lacroix Despheres, the new release, etc.
To the people who helped us and supported us, thank you very much. We received a lot of messages and comments, also the comments at BBS page, they got us so happy. For that we could rebirth.

Thank you for listening the CD and told us your great comments about it.
It was an honour receives that gentle words. Really, I am very happy.
Thank you from the heart.

This year we completed Dernier Paradis act 2, we carried out the revival of Lacroix Despheres and the concert with the new members. This was an excellent year!!

Thank you very much for your assistance and support.
Next year we will keep performancing second act and we will create the third act.
Also we will start the Internet Radio. We will be closer next year.

Please keep supporting us in 2011 !

Lacroix Despheres

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  1. You all are amazing! Hope you have a great start to 2011 !!!