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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Recording and bike.

Hello! I’m Pegeot.

Recently was the guitar recording sessions...or was it a long time ago?
Anyways, the song we worked on is a good one, I hope we can completely finish it soon!

I drank with Hiroaki recently, who is the former guitarist for Lacroix Despheres. He is a good friend indeed, and is the one who taught me the charm of the guitar. After, we ended up going to karaoke on impulse because I was drunk...

…I'm not good at karaoke...
but I did it anyways because I just followed my impulse.
I remembered at that time that Lacroix had one song in the karaoke set list. From the first moment we arrived, I searched for Scivias with Hiroaki. (Laughs)
We had great success with that song for sure! I don't know why, but I felt a strange sensation which caused me to sing with exceptional, overflowing enthusiasm!

Recently when I was ridding on a cross-cutting overpass where many large trucks passed by, my bikes rear tire got punctured. When that happened, the back wheel began to rapidly shake from side to side. I thought it was going to have an accident ... but I didn’t fall, I left unharmed! (Laughs)

That's all I wanted to tell you (Laughs)

See you!

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